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introducing SPELL...

Hi everyone + welcome to SPELL!

First off, I should probably introduce myself and give a quick little backstory. I’m Maura, owner of the newly renamed SPELL Style Lounge, loveSPELL bridal, + this blog, SPELL it out. The salon was originally called Salon Fiber when I purchased it in 2014 (after being an employee since 2008). Over the years of owning Salon Fiber I made lots of changes to the salon, both to the physical look of the interior and to the services we offered. Trends changed, the team changed, and to be totally honest, I changed. I quite literally grew up at Salon Fiber, starting in summer of 2008 as a 20 year old shampoo girl, becoming sole owner New Year’s Day of 2014 at 25, and now being a 32 year old wife + mom. While “Salon Fiber” will always have a special place in my heart, I’m very excited for the future with SPELL.

2020 was a wild ride and I’ve been determined to find the positivity in this year. I’ve gained a whole new perspective on so, so many things, and really found a vision for the business and what I want to offer within it. I knew I wanted it to be a women focused salon and boutique, where we provided luxury services and premium products, but also style inspiration to help you take the vision of your best self and make her a reality. And so, it felt like it was time to rename it something that was a better reflection of our culture and style. Coming up with a name wasn’t so easy… (if you’ve ever named a child you might feel me on this one.) I was inspired by all of the amazing ladies in my life: coworkers and clients, friends and family members, and how they’re each special and beautiful even though they’re all different. I wanted the name to reflect that “it factor” someone has when they’re rocking their best self, their “je ne sais quoi”, their SPELL. To me the name SPELL means the unique magic you bring to the world; it’s what makes you attractive. Whether it be through perfectly placed highlights, a fabulous pair of earrings, or the tips and tricks we bring you on this blog, we know you’ll feel beautiful when you’re under our SPELL.


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