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  • SPELL's NYE Beauty Resolutions

    It's hard to believe another year is coming to an end (although I don't think many will miss this one TBH). And as we all look forward to a fresh start, it's time for those New Year's resolutions - an opportunity to develop new habits (or kick some old ones.) It got me thinking about some beauty resolutions to improve the health or look of our hair + skin and so I talked to my girls at SPELL to see what their goals were for 2021. Personally, my 2021 resolution is to use lash serum everyday. For me, nothing says glam like long full lashes. I was getting lash extensions for a little while in the past, and honestly they were amazing! I felt pretty everyday, even without makeup on...but they are a lot of maintenance. Biweekly visits for fills were just becoming too taxing on my schedule. Then one day I noticed my sister's long thick lashes and I was like "OMG you got lashes and didn't tell me?!" "Nope," she said, "I just have been using lash serum!" I seriously couldn't believe how awesome they looked and so I decided to try for myself. I'll be honest - I'm not the best at skin routines and consistency, but I do LOVE trying and finding new products to offer at SPELL, so I'm committed to doing my lash serum every night to see the results + maybe lash serum will be the next product we offer in the SPELL boutique! For Danielle, her resolution is as simple as some beauty sleep... on a satin pillowcase! Mostly everyone notices her gorgeous long blonde hair, but not everyone knows she actually has our Laced Hand-Tied extensions! "Satin pillowcases are one of the simplest and best ways to care for hair extensions, as they eliminate the friction between the hair and the pillow leaving less damage, and allow my investment in my hair to last longer," Danielle said. They're not just for extensions though, they help reduce frizz and static on all hair types to minimize that dreaded bedhead. They're great for your skin too! They help reduce irritation on pores for acne prone skin and keep sleep lines and wrinkles from developing. And unlike cotton pillowcases that absorb all of the moisture in your hair and skin, a satin pillowcase maintains hydration. Check out the cute Kitsch brand ones we offer at SPELL and this is about the easiest thing you can do to enhance your hair and skin routine! Kelly's resolution is to up her skin care game even further than some beauty sleep. She plans to regularly visit a medi-spa and find a regimen and routine that will help her prevent signs of aging and minimize wrinkles. "My skin is showing the stress and exhaustion 2020 has brought on," Kelly said, "it's time to fight back! Ha!" One simple thing she plans to start right away without waiting for her medi-spa appointment? Drink more water! It's one of the easiest yet most effective ways to care for your skin. Speaking of easy, for low maintenance girls like Nichole, simple changes like brushing her hair everyday will help keep larger tangles from developing and reduce breakage. I know I'm personally guilty of tossing my unruly hair into a topknot on the weekends, but Nichole says "it's more than just getting rid of tangles, it's stimulating your scalp, removing shed hair and moving oils away from the scalp and down the strand." She aims for 5 minutes a day at bed time and says that if you do it consistently from freshly washed hair you'll extend the life of your blowout. Your hair isn't the only thing that needs brushing. Devin's resolution is to be consistent with dry brushing and micro-needling her skin. Dry brushing your skin has so many benefits like substantial exfoliation and reduced pore size, while helping your body remove toxins and giving you overall increased energy! Micro-needling is done on your face with a dermaroller to make tiny little channels in your skin for serums and products to absorb better and more deeply into the skin. While these two processes are quite literally skin deep, Devin said this level of self care helps her to "be happy with what I have while working for what I want." Now, I think that's a resolution we can all adopt.

  • SPELL 2020 Gift Guide

    SPELL makes shopping small easy with our holiday gift guides for every type of woman in your life. Check out the SHOP tab to purchase these items online or come in and browse the boutique for these and more! BOHO BABE Felt Boho Fedora- comes in three colors. Smaller, more wearable brim. Makes the perfect topper for beach waves + a flowy dress. $40 Inspirational Tarot Deck - 53 hand illustrated cards with inspiring phrases or prompts. Use it as a daily mediation or display them as art on your coffee table. Meaningful + unique gift. $48 Roll-on Perfume- made with cosmetic grade avocado + coconut oils. Non-toxic, paraben + phthalate free, vegan. Multiple scents. $16.50 Beach Day Salt Spray- no Boho Babe is complete without her signature lived-in locks. Beach Day salt spray gives full, tousled results on wet or dry hair. $27.50 FITNESS FREAK Kitsch Hair Elastics- These hair elastics are super stretchy and comfortable to wear. A great value, the pack contains 20 elastics and comes in either blush or black. $8 Paddle Brush- Large paddle detangling brush makes combing out post workout tangles a breeze. Comes in champagne pink or black + packaged in a gift box. $13 Baseball Hat- The ultimate sporty girl accessory! Comes in "brunette", "blonde", or "redhead". $28 Dry Shampoo- Every girl's best friend! Choose from UNITE Dry High for volume or Dry Plus+ for extra oil control. $28-29.50 GLAM GODDESS Satin Pillowcase- Nothing says luxury like a silky pillowcase, plus they're great for both your hair and your skin! Comes in various colors and both Standard + King sizes. $19-24 Knotted Jewel Headband- Headbands are one of the biggest trends right now and these rhinestone and pearl ones are a perfect way to make any hairstyle holiday ready! $14 Bracha Initial Pendant- Quite possibly the "it necklace" of 2020, these medallion style initial pendants make the perfect personalized gift. $42 Boosta Volumizing Spray- Glam girls wouldn't be caught without the perfect blowout, and this volume spray adds weightless body, especially when used with heat. $27.50 PARTY ANIMAL Satin Eye Mask- Long nights usually lead to late mornings, but this satin eye mask makes sleeping past the sun easy breezy. $16 Little Black Bag wristlet- What pairs perfectly with a party girl's LBD? A little black bag of course! Perfectly sized for night out (and morning after) essentials. $20 Weekender Clarifying Shampoo- When it's been an especially wild week, the Weekender shampoo will remove buildup and environmental elements without stripping natural oils. $25 Wake Up Circle Hair Mask- This day after recovery mask gives energy and volume to dull hair + restores necessary hydration to the scalp. $10 STRESSED OUT SIS Scented Candle- The aromatherapy of these non-toxic and clean burning scented candles is sure to help even the most frazzled friend relax this holiday season. Choose from multiple scents. $21 Velvet Scrunchies- The scrunchie is a busy girl's best friend, and these velvet options add a little holiday flair, plus they're soft on the hair ( and wrist). Various colors. $8 Detox Bath Soak- Nothing says relaxation like a hot bath and this salt soak from The Established is ideal for detoxing, refreshment, + rejuvenation. Contains Israeli dead sea salt, charcoal, and eucalyptus, mandarin and lemon. $28 Luxury Shower Cap- The shower cap, a busy girl's necessity- and an awkward eyesore, until now! These Kitsch brand shower caps are comfortable, cute and sure to be used about every other day. $25

  • introducing SPELL...

    Hi everyone + welcome to SPELL! First off, I should probably introduce myself and give a quick little backstory. I’m Maura, owner of the newly renamed SPELL Style Lounge, loveSPELL bridal, + this blog, SPELL it out. The salon was originally called Salon Fiber when I purchased it in 2014 (after being an employee since 2008). Over the years of owning Salon Fiber I made lots of changes to the salon, both to the physical look of the interior and to the services we offered. Trends changed, the team changed, and to be totally honest, I changed. I quite literally grew up at Salon Fiber, starting in summer of 2008 as a 20 year old shampoo girl, becoming sole owner New Year’s Day of 2014 at 25, and now being a 32 year old wife + mom. While “Salon Fiber” will always have a special place in my heart, I’m very excited for the future with SPELL. 2020 was a wild ride and I’ve been determined to find the positivity in this year. I’ve gained a whole new perspective on so, so many things, and really found a vision for the business and what I want to offer within it. I knew I wanted it to be a women focused salon and boutique, where we provided luxury services and premium products, but also style inspiration to help you take the vision of your best self and make her a reality. And so, it felt like it was time to rename it something that was a better reflection of our culture and style. Coming up with a name wasn’t so easy… (if you’ve ever named a child you might feel me on this one.) I was inspired by all of the amazing ladies in my life: coworkers and clients, friends and family members, and how they’re each special and beautiful even though they’re all different. I wanted the name to reflect that “it factor” someone has when they’re rocking their best self, their “je ne sais quoi”, their SPELL. To me the name SPELL means the unique magic you bring to the world; it’s what makes you attractive. Whether it be through perfectly placed highlights, a fabulous pair of earrings, or the tips and tricks we bring you on this blog, we know you’ll feel beautiful when you’re under our SPELL.

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